• Falcon II

    The super FALCON II today is the best dolly for professional film makers. Characterized by great stability, manoeuvrability, manageability and versatility, it requires the absolute minimum of maintenance.

  • Fisher 10

    Recognized as the industry standard, the Model 10 Dolly is manufactured from the highest quality materials and components to meet the demanding needs of the motion picture, television and video industries.

  • Fisher 11

    The Model 11 is our smallest Dolly. Lightweight and compact, it is built with the same high quality standards found in all J.L. Fisher products. The Model 11 Dolly shares the same controls and characteristics of the Model 10 Dolly and has a complete line of its own accessories.

  • Mini Phanter

    La Mini Panther es un sistema profesional diseñado para combinar el mínimo volumen con máxima versatibilidad. Combinando su amplia gama de accesorios, la Mini Panther es una poderosa herramienta que puede resolver cualquier problema durante un rodaje.

  • Phanter

    The Panther Classic is as simple as it is robust. The mechanical drive has proved itself over decades. The Classic has much to offer, with its CPU-controlled center column and its pivoting wheel arms, it can be easily adapted to many different short angles.


    Simple, handy, versatile with multiple positions, the new Ricksahaw Dolly offers a lot of possibilities.

  • Twin Dolly

    The TwinDolly is basically a hi hat / low bowl with wheels, in an effective design. Together with TwinTube it is comparative with the old school CAMRAIL. To be used on its TwinTube rail system or in any Truss.


    The TWISTER Dolly is best for film and HD shootings. It twists in all directions by selecting one of the three steering modes: Front, Rear, or Round-A-Round. These novel steering options supply precise movements around the subject and its compact design allows easily rotations even in the tightest of spaces.