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Conector schuco, Medidas (mm): 330(AN)x385(AL)x326(LA), Peso 12.3 Kg, Lente 175 mm, Spigot: 28mm, Visera 4 hojas

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6 kW

Cetac connector 63 amp. Monophasic blue, Measures (mm): 682(Width)x650(Height)x614(Length), Weight 33 Kg, 420 mm. Lens, Spigot: 28mm, 4 leaf visor.

4 kW

Cetac connector 32 amp. Monophasic blue, Measures (mm): 577(Width)x543(Height)x456(Length), Weight 20,6 Kg,300 mm.lens, Spigot: 28mm, 4 leaf visor.

2,5 kW

Schuco connector, Measures (mm): 487(Width)x500(Height)x387(Length), Weight 16,3 Kg, 250 mm. lens, Spigot: 28mm, 4 leaf visor.

1.200 W

Schuco connector, Measures (mm): 330(Width)x385(Height)x326(Length), Weight 12.3 Kg, 175 mm. lens, Spigot: 28 mm., 4 leaf visor

575 W

Schuco connector, Measures (mm): 290(Width)x314(Height)x272(Length), Weight 10,3 Kg, 130 mm. lens, Spigot: 28 mm., 4 leaf visor.

200 W

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