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The NEW Scorpio 23’ L is a three section light telescopic crane for payloads until 40 kg in both under and over slung. ideal for the television and broadcast market. By reducing the payload capacity, Servicevision designed the new Scorpio 23’ L as a much lighter crane comparing to the popular Scorpio 23’ (for 70 kg payload). This lighter arm allows it to be supported in the same column and same adjustable dolly as the Scorpio10’ and 17’.

The Scorpio 23’L has a dolly/base with articulated arms that allows to change its width for standard dolly tracks of 62cm and for 40cm Scorpio tracks, it also allows a very small and compact configuration for taxiing to go through standard office door way (80cm)… place your Scorpio 17´everywhere needed.

It also has a telescopic column that risers-up an extra 36cm.

Technical specifications


Maximum length: 7.16 m/23’6’’
Minimum length: 1.4 m/4’7’’
Back length of the arm: 2.02 m/6’8’’
Telescopic range: 5.6 m/18’4’’
Loading capacity in under-slung: 40 Kg/132 lbs
Loading capacity in over-slung: 40 Kg/88 lbs
Required Power: DC 30 V / 40 A
Output Power for the monitor: 12 V / 3 A
Arm weight: 140 Kg
Crane weight(without payload nor CW): 330 Kg
Arm speed: 1.7 m/s



Two different operation modes:

  • Electronic: Is a standard mode that allows telescopic electronic movement, powering the crane by batteries or power unit
  • Manual: is a new model that allows to create manual movements, where the operator will be able to move the telescopic by  using the hands and the arm and the head will follow according keeping the horizon.

New generation of Levelling Head:

  • With real horizon
  • Allows to create a manual movement on the arm, levelling the head to the horizon.
  • Adjustable level offset, both manually and electronically.
  • Over-slung and under-slung capability.

Basic Features with the standard Electronic Box Control (without screen).

  • Automatic compensator of the arc generated by the movement of the arm in both horizontal and vertical.
  • Programmable Electronic limits for the arm range.
  • Adjustable arm speed and stop damping adjustable.
  • Tilt, Pan and Arm encoder reading for motion capture jobs.

Advanced features: The Electronic Box Control has a removable display that    will give access to some information and features additional to the standard EBC, such:

  • Screen display of the arm range, vertical and horizontal angles, height to the optic axis in meters and feet, the speed and the damping.
  • Movement Generator of the telescopic arm in relation to the horizontal or vertical movement.
  • Capability of memorizing the telescopic movement of the arm.
  • The Stop Sequence will program different range modes for the telescopic arm.

System for Tracking the camera position in 3D.

It is a camera tracking system for virtual studio and augmented reality Scorpio Cranes, headsand travelling can perform camera tracking with STYPE and MO-SYS integration systems for real time augmented reality and virtual studio broadcasting.

Scorpio Crane and Scorpio Head INTERFACE

Interfacing possibility between Scorpio Head and Crane, allowing us to perform back-pan and targeting, where the head will follow a target previously chosen by setting the distance, according to the movements of the crane (pan, tilt and telescopic movements). Also, the synchronization for the memory menus.

This new feature is available now for any Scorpio crane.




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