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System to track the position of the camera in 3D

It is a camera tracking system for virtual studio and augmented reality. Scorpio cranes, heads and trips can be camera tracking with the integration system for real-time augmented reality and virtual studio streaming.
Possibility of interconnection between the head of the Scorpio and the crane, which allows us to make a backward turn, the head will follow a target, previously chosen when establishing the distance, according to the movements of the crane (turning, tilting and telescopic).



The Scorpio 23´ is the first of a series of telescopic cranes that Servicevision is designing to have soft, silence and effective camera movements true telescopic arms.

To be more rigid and uniformed, the arms are made with aluminium extrusion.

The arms are guided true wheels in top and bottom to be more stable, and moving with two lateral cables. Like this the adjustment of the cables is simpler and is twice safety.

But, if something is creating a big reputation to these cranes is the size of the arm and the size of the dolly.

With the new adjustment of the wheels arms is possible to go true doors of 80cm wide, and only is necessary a diameter of 3,5 m (11´) to move an arm of more than 7 m (23´)

Technical specifications


Maximum length: 7.10mts/23’
Minimum length: 1.50mts/5’
Back length of the arm: 1.80mts/6’
Telescopic range: 5.60mts/18’
Max. Optical axis height: 6.70mts/21’
Telescopic column maximum extension: 30 cm. /1’
Loading capacity in under-slung position: 70Kg/154lbs
Loading capacity in over-slung position: 45Kg/99lbs
Required Power: 220V/16A – 110V/16A
Output Power for the Remote Head: 30V/ 20A
Output Power for the monitor: 12V/ 3A




  • Compensador automático del arco generado por el movimiento del brazo tanto en horizontal como vertical.
  • Limites programables en el movimiento telescópico del brazo.
  • Generador de movimiento del brazo telescópico en relación al movimiento horizontal o vertical de dicho brazo.
  • Velocidad del brazo, regulable, informada en pantalla.
  • Damping de parada del brazo, regulable, informada en pantalla.
  • Permite montaje Under-slung y Over-slung de la cabeza.
  • Información de longitud del brazo, ángulo vertical y horizontal, y elevación del eje óptico, en metros y en pies, en pantalla.
  • Paros secuenciales programables.
  • Lectura de encoder de Tilt, Pan y Brazo para trabajos de Motion Capture.
  • Movimiento del brazo suave tanto en alta como en baja velocidad.
  • Sistema de reducción de sonido en el movimiento de los brazos telescópicos.
  • Elevador mecánico de columna de 30 cm.
  • 3 posiciones de ancho de carro regulable con brazos articulados:
    • Ruedas de traveling: Regulables a todos los anchos de vía standard: 62 cm/24.40’’ y 100 cm/39.37’’.
    • Ruedas Neumáticas: Anchura regulable de 73.5 cm / 28.93’’ a 144 cm / 56.69’’.
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