Ronin 2

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At Servicevision we have incorporated the new RONIN 2 into the Grip Department, which completes our offer of “stabilized heads” allowing us to now also cover the Light Equipment segment.

Like GIMBAL the Ronin is versatile enough to be used in a conventional manner on a crane, on a dolly and even on a tripod, and also in any technical rigg (quad, caddy, camaracar, carmount). However, the great differentiator is the possibility of having a stabilized head that can be used in “hand-held” mode.



With a weight of 6kg and a load capacity of 13kg, this high-end product incorporates, unlike its competitors, internal wiring, integral power to the camera, higher motor torque and monocoque carbon system.

The wide variety of accessories we have include work options in hand such as integral steering wheel, classic bar or readyrig, for the management of the camera we have thumb controller, joystick and masterwheels 3axis, for different assemblies we offer Mitchell & Bowl Adapter and Blackarm all with and without spring and of course a variety of accessories included ranging from HD monitor to flanges, magical arms, adapters, cables, extensions, quick closures and others.

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