Optimo Prime Angenieux

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Angenieux’s new Optimo Primes offer lenses of Full Frame, small and lightweight, primes manufactured specifically to match Angenieux’s line of cinema zooms. The Optimo Primes feature a unique design that allows the iris assembly, an internal glass element, and a rear filter to be swapped out, providing. Each lens features Cooke i/Data and ARRI LDS for lens metadata capture.


LensesFocal LengthStop TFront Diameter ØClose Focus
Optimo Prime Angenieux18 mmT295 mm Ø0.361.90
Optimo Prime Angenieux21 mmT1.895 mm Ø0.361.80
Optimo Prime Angenieux28 mmT1.895 mm Ø0.361.70
Optimo Prime Angenieux32 mmT1.895 mm Ø0.361.70
Optimo Prime Angenieux40 mmT1.895 mm Ø0.361.70
Optimo Prime Angenieux50 mmT1.895 mm Ø0.411.70
Optimo Prime Angenieux75 mmT1.895 mm Ø0.611.70
Optimo Prime Angenieux100 mmT1.895 mm Ø1.001.80
Optimo Prime Angenieux135 mmT1.895 mm Ø1.002.00
Set Optimo Prime Angenieux
21-28-32-40-50-75 mm
Extras Optimo Prime Angenieux
18-100-135 mm
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Optimo Prime Angenieux