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Cooke’s S8/i prime lenses are faster and smaller than previous Cooke Full Frame lenses and have a larger aperture. It exhibits Cooke’s pleasant warmth and creative aspect. Each lens features a consistent, high-quality Cooke design and uses Cooke i/Data for intelligent metadata capture.

These lenses offer a unique organic cinematographic quality, with beautiful soft, spherical bokeh and minimal chromatic aberrations. Their fully spherical design and faster make them a fantastic choice for filmmakers and cinematographers.

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Lenses Focal LengthStop TFront Diameter ØClose Focus
COOKE S8/i FF18 mmT1.4136 mm Ø0.603.40
COOKE S8/i FF25 mmT1.4104 mm Ø0.552.40
COOKE S8/i FF32 mmT1.4104 mm Ø0.652.40
COOKE S8/i FF40 mmT1.4104 mm Ø0.652.30
COOKE S8/i FF50 mmT1.4104 mm Ø0.702.10
COOKE S8/i FF75 mmT1.4104 mm Ø0.802.40
COOKE S8/i FF100 mmT1.4104 mm Ø0.852.40
COOKE S8/i FF135 mmT1.4104 mm Ø1.203.20

Set Cooke S8/i FF
25-32-40-50-75-100 mm
Extras Cooke S8/i FF
18-135 mm

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