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Signature Primes are ARRI Full Frame lenses. The Signatures have an LPL mount, a light and robust housing. Warm, soft skin, open shadows with crisp blacks and nice bokeh, soft focus and a warm cinematic tone. With a maximum aperture of T1.8


LensesFocal LengthStop TFront Diameter ØClose Focus
ARRI Signature15 mmT1.8 156 mm Ø0.352.85
ARRI Signature18 mmT1.8 114 mm Ø0.351.90
ARRI Signature21 mmT1.8 114 mm Ø0.351.90
ARRI Signature25 mmT1.8 114 mm Ø0.351.90
ARRI Signature35 mmT1.8 114 mm Ø0.351.70
ARRI Signature40 mmT1.8 114 mm Ø0.351.80
ARRI Signature47 mmT1.8 114 mm Ø0.451.80
ARRI Signature58 mmT1.8 114 mm Ø0.452.00
ARRI Signature75 mmT1.8 114 mm Ø0.651.90
ARRI Signature95 mmT1.8 114 mm Ø0.851.90
ARRI Signature125 mmT1.8 114 mm Ø1.002.30
ARRI Signature150 mmT1.8 114 mm Ø1.503.25
Set ARRI Signature
18-25-35-47-58-75 mm
Extras ARRI Signature
15-21-40-95-125-150 mm
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